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J-InterSect Project Reports provide actionable research and analysis with a niche focus on performance improvement.

Each Project Report is produced by a team of more than ten professionals through a proprietary Knowledge Creation Process. JIS team members include Research Analysts and an extensive global network resource pool of 3,000 professionals. Each Project Report is rigorously rated for high value-add, high return on resources, and high impact (the "3-Highs").

JIS has completed more than 270 Project Reports. Since 2002, JIS has discovered 700+ global benchmarks and 900+ high value-add best practices related to high value-add, high return on resources, and high impact (the "3-Highs").

JIS top ranked Project Reports each go through a proprietary process with a focus on improving performance through the "3-Highs": high value-add, high return on resources, and high impact. The processes include JIS's proprietary ABCs covering approximately 140 countries: (A.) Analyze ten global benchmarks and their high value-add best practices; (B.) Build relationships with ten highly successful global thought leaders or executives; (C.) Convince that the JIS Project Report is vastly superior to the ten best studies on the topic.

JIS Two-Part Guarantee: JIS guarantees that our Project Reports contain the knowledge to: (1.) empower you to be one of the smartest on the topic, and (2.) enable your organization to meet or exceed global benchmarks.

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Minimizing the Negative GDP Impact of Government Expenditure Consolidation
Global Benchmarks in Diaspora Philanthropy