New Philanthropy Benchmarking














1. J-InterSect (JIS) is a global performance improvement company at the nexus of the commercial and social sectors.

2. JIS produces Project Reports that improve performance of initiatives in ten sectors including economic development, education and healthcare.

3. JIS Project Reports utilize our proprietary ABC process, covering more than 140 countries:
  (A.) Analyze ten global benchmarks and their high value-add best practices.
  (B.) Build relationships with ten highly successful global thought leaders or executives.
  (C.) Convince that the JIS Project Report is vastly superior to the ten best studies on the topic.

4. JIS Two-Part Guarantee: JIS guarantees that our Project Reports contain the knowledge to: (1.) empower you to be one of the smartest on the topic, and (2.) enable your organization to meet or exceed global benchmarks.

5. JIS Project Reports create high value-add, high return on resources, and high impact (the "3-Highs").

6. Organizations utilize JIS Project Reports to improve performance primarily in 4-ways: Benchmarking and Best Practice Research; Internal and External Training; KPI Management; and New Initiatives Assessment.

7. JIS team members are located in the United States and Asia and have completed 380 Project Reports.

8. J-InterSect's founding principles are based on the seminal publication New Philanthropy Benchmarking: Wisdom for the Passionate ("NPB").