J-InterSect (JIS) emerged from a 2002 initiative founded by the Charles and Agnes Kazarian Foundation. The goal of JIS is to improve performance at the nexus of the commercial and social sectors in developing economies.

Prior to founding JIS, the Foundation had established three key performance indicators (KPIs) for its technical and financial support, which have become known as the “3-Highs”: high value-add, high return on resources, and high impact. The Foundation knew from past experience that the “3-Highs” were essential to improving performance at the nexus. And, the Foundation knew that knowledge of global benchmarks and high value-add best practices were the foundation of achieving the “3-Highs”. The challenge facing the Foundation was to locate professional talent whose core competencies and processes were exclusively dedicated to research and analysis in this highly specialized area.

As a starting point to obtaining knowledge on improving performance at the nexus, the Foundation obtained proposals from several consulting firms for global benchmarking and high value-add best practices Project Reports. Although the quality of the proposals was far below the standards requested by the Foundation, costs ranged from US$500,000 to US$1.2 million per Project Report. As the Foundation required eight Project Reports in 2002, the total estimated cost was more than US$5 million, which exceeded the Foundation’s budget for the year.

Having found no firm that could meet the Foundation’s quality standards, JIS was founded to provide customized Project Reports focused on the “3-Highs” at a fraction of the cost of the proposals. And, importantly, JIS would dedicate its staff exclusively to producing Project Reports.

Over the past eight years, JIS has developed proprietary processes for producing Project Reports focused on improving performance through the "3-Highs". The processes include JIS's proprietary ABCs covering approximately 140 countries: (A.) Analyze ten global benchmarks and their high value-add best practices; (B.) Build relationships with ten highly successful global thought leaders or executives; (C.) Convince that the JIS Project Report is vastly superior to the ten best studies on the topic.

JIS Two-Part Guarantee: JIS guarantees that our Project Reports contain the knowledge to: (1.) empower you to be one of the smartest on the topic, and (2.) enable your organization to meet or exceed global benchmarks.

To date, JIS has completed 380 Project Reports for the Foundation. JIS has identified 700+ global benchmarks and 900+ high value-add best practices. JIS has an extensive global network resource pool of 3,000 professionals. JIS has developed JIS University to continuously improve the quality of the Project Reports and their production processes.

In 2010, the Foundation began to share JIS products and services very selectively with organizations with a passion for improving performance at the nexus.